Window dressing manufacturer innovates with grant support

Published 30th November 2020 by Charlotte Porter
JSC Group improves their logistics with £4,000 TALE grant and seeks an I-Construct grant for product development.

About JSC Group

JSC Group is a manufacturer/supplier to the interior design industry, based in Colchester, Essex. The company produces a range of made-to-measure curtain tracks, poles and other window dressing hardware under their own brands. JSC Group are a B2B supplier. Their customers are interior designers, contractors (who fit out hotels) and some retail shops. Some products end up in top-end, luxury homes. 

The challenge

Olly Pittman, the Director of JSC Group, had been looking for support to purchase an operational system with logistics planning capabilities and more easy-to-read data reporting. It also had to integrate with e-commerce platform, Shopify. 

To further improve internal processes and speed up the time it took to get the product delivered, Olly realised it would also be useful if the new system allowed customers to enter their window measurements and automatically run the necessary calculations. 

The solution

JSC Group engaged the services of business consultant Alan Martin of Vision Reach – a lead generator for TALE (Transport and Logistic Efficiencies). Alan introduced Olly to Sian Dowell, Business Support Facilitator, to complete a diagnostic session and support with a grant application form. The result was that TALE contributed £4,000 grant funding towards the project. 

The new system gave JSC Group the foundations for an ordering portal and e-commerce shop for customers, accessed via their existing website. They were able to improve and streamline their operational and manufacturing activities from start to finish, including delivery. 

Moving forwards

When I-Construct launched in September 2020, Sian contacted Olly to see if the new project was of interest. Olly confirmed that JSC Group had identified a project to invent a product that would be new to customers and new to the market. 

Sian organised a 1:1 introduction meeting to go through the details of the I-Construct project, and Olly attended a diagnostic session where he decided that grant funding from I-Construct would benefit his plans for the new product. He is currently undertaking a Digital Foundations grant application with Sian’s support.

Olly Pittman, Director of JSC Group said:

“The daunting part of accessing funding that has been designed to help SMEs, like ourselves, is the ‘form filling’ and understanding the jargon in the questions on the forms. Sian has patiently and enthusiastically guided us and helped us though the process and enabled us to move forward with both the TALE and I-Construct grants which will be helpful in our journey to take our business to the next level!”

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