It's time to build your business with the I-Construct network

Construction is set to be a growth industry in the coming years, with a huge amount of infrastructure and housing development planned. The I-Construct network is a sector-specific support programme to help small- to medium-sized companies working in the construction and built environment marketplace to access new business opportunities, improve their profitability and sustainability, and overcome barriers to innovation.

Could your business be part of this future?

What is I-Construct?

I-Construct is a supply chain development and innovation support project designed to help local companies access opportunities in the construction market and develop new products and services within their businesses. It introduces companies to new ways of doing business, offering expertise and influence in areas as diverse as offsite construction, renewable energy, digital technology, zero-carbon targets, business development strategy, robotics, and more.

To achieve this, I-Construct helps small- and medium-sized businesses join local supply chains, access bidding opportunities, explore new client groups or business models, tap into technology, and launch new products or services.

I-Construct mainly focuses on supporting businesses in the South East LEP area (which covers Essex, East Sussex and Kent). The team will be based at a dedicated Innovation Hub in Braintree, Essex, that companies can use for business development and networking, and to try new technologies. The bespoke building has been designed to meet the highest environmental and sustainability standards and will show companies how these can be achieved. The Innovation Hub will open in summer 2021.

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