The 'Invaluable Knowledge' Helping Attract & Engage Add Value For Clients

Published 25th August 2021 by Charlotte Porter
Jill recently completed 9 hours of 1:1 mentoring with I-Construct expert Derek Godfrey. We asked her about the experience and the impact it’s having on her business so far.

Jill Willis is the founder and CEO of Attract & Engage, a marketing and PR agency from Essex. Their aim is to help sub-contractors and smaller construction companies grow. 

Q. I-Construct: Why did you initially join the I-Construct community?

A. Jill Willis, Attract & Engage: 

"It made perfect sense, right from the start. The businesses we want to work with should be part of the network. I-Construct is about supporting the construction industry and helping them to achieve more. That's what we're doing, that's what we're about. So, it just feels like a perfect match. 
"I think if you're a subcontractor or main contractor who's serious about growth you're going to join a network like I-Construct. If you’re serious about growing your business, you’re ready to work with Attract & Engage.” 

Q. I-Construct: You recently completed 9-hours mentoring with our expert Derek Godfrey. How did you find it?

A. Jill Willis, Attract & Engage: 

"It's gone really well. We started off on operations and scaling, using Derek as a sounding board, getting his take on some best practices to think about when we're growing. Making sure that operationally everything's really nailed down and, as we scale, it all still functions, and we don't drop any plates anywhere.”

Q. I-Construct: What impact has the mentoring had so far?

A. Jill Willis, Attract & Engage: 

"It's definitely impacted our business already. Having a regular call with Derek has forced a timeline on things. We've gone through a process of mapping out our processes, and Derek has introduced us to someone who uses Office 360, and the various templates. They’ve helped us digitize our processes. So, it's been quite useful in that regard already, which is really good. 
"Since then, I've been using the calls with Derek to understand more about the tender process, and the areas where we could add even more value for clients. His knowledge of that has been invaluable.”

Q. I-Construct: How are you using the knowledge Derek has shared?

A. Jill Willis, Attract & Engage: 

"I'm trying to innovate more and more around the tender process and tendering platforms. Knowing them inside and out so that clients don't have to.
“I'm in the process of creating what I hope will be a brilliant piece of content. It talks about what you should be doing from a marketing perspective at every stage of the tender process. That will be worked into some video content. I'm also going to distill this down to an infographic to illustrate how marketing maps onto every stage of the tender process and what you should be doing. I think that will be quite unique." 
"In terms of next steps, I definitely want to keep talking to Derek to keep that senior mentoring, non-exec director type of relationship going, because it really jelled well with him. I think it would be really valuable.”

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