I-Construct grant to help Diamond Controls develop a new e-commerce site

Published 21st July 2021 by Charlotte Porter
In July 2021, Diamond Controls was approved for a £2,797.20 grant to help develop a new e-commerce website. We asked the business’s Managing Director Iain Ames about the project.
Iain Ames, Diamond Controls
Iain Ames, Diamond Controls

Established in 2000, Diamond Controls are specialists in leak detection and trace heating. Working with construction companies and other members of the supply chain, they offer services to commercial and industrial businesses.

While the majority of Diamond Control’s work is to prevent water, oil and gas leakages – installing, maintaining and servicing leak detection systems – they’re thinking about the future and finding new ways to grow the trace heating side of the business. Recently, the company became a distributor for the UK's leading manufacturer of trace heating systems, nVent Raychem. Managing Director Iain Ames eagerly explains:

“We’re well known for our work with the supply and commissioning of leak detection systems and are looking to improve our brand recognition for the trace heating products we offer. We've worked hard to develop our process and expertise in this area and have been rewarded as a new supply partner for one of the top manufacturers in this sector. We want to leverage that relationship and boost our trace heating offering.
“We're currently engaged with lots of tenders and bigger projects, but we recognise that there's a market for the supply and commissioning of trace heating we are yet to fully tap into. The funding will support one of our digital transformation projects to launch an e-commerce solution, concentrating initially on trace heating. This will include a web shop selling off-the-shelf products such as specialist cabling and connection kits – as an affordable solution for smaller commercial establishments. This will be backed up by a bespoke service for installation and commissioning if required.”

Recognising a gap in the market, the company’s next step is to launch a sub-brand with its own e-commerce website for off-the-shelf trace heating products. This will allow them to broaden their reach, attracting new customers using the resources and staff that they already have in place.

Hearing about the I-Construct network from the New Anglia Growth hub, Iain submitted a grant application form in June 2021 with help from one of our Business Support Facilitators, Sian. Their bid was successful and Diamond Controls was awarded £2,797.20 – 30% of the total cost of the project:

“Originally I was told about I-Construct by the New Anglia Growth Hub. I like the idea that your whole reason for being is to engage with businesses, to help them grow more easily. I'm just on the early part of the journey, but so far, I’ve found it to be really time-saving for me. Sian's very knowledgeable and you guys all seem very friendly and open.
“Our main reason for engaging with the I-Construct project was because we want to extend our range of services, and now our project can be a little bit bigger than we initially planned.”

Diamond Controls has high hopes for their innovative project and they anticipate the trace heating arm of the business will increase by 300% over the next three years. If successful, they also hope to expand their workforce, creating new jobs in administration and distribution.

If you’re interested in applying for grant funding complete our enquiry form and we will check your business’s eligibility.

I-Construct is funded by ERDF.