I-Construct Spring Event on Video

Thank you to all those who attended our 2022 Spring Event at the I-Construct Innovation Hub. If you weren't able to attend, in real-life or virtually, we've prepared four clips from the day for you to enjoy (below). We also hope you will be able to attend our next exciting live event at the hub, more information about that coming to our Events Pages soon!

Opportunities and challenges in the construction sector - a panel with Brian Horton

I-Construct industry expert Brian Horton, hosted a fascinating 'state-of-the-sector' panel that looked at the opportunities and challenges facing the construction sector. The below clip is his summary of the discussions.

it is also a great privilege to be involved in creating assets that are for the future, homes that people will live in, the offices that they will work in, the factories that they will build goods in, in the future.

Our panel (L-R) were: Mark Curle, consultant at MIME Consultancy; Michael Page, Strategic Framework Manager at Willmott Dixon Construction Limited; Brian Horton, Horton Strategic Limited; Peter Whitmore, Managing Director at Morgan Sindall East; Gwyn Roberts, Principal at BRE; Jon Wynne, Senior Contract Manager at Beardwell Construction.

The I-Construct Innovation Hub with Jon Wynne of Beardwell

Jon Wynne was Senior Contracts Manager for the I-Construct Innovation Hub build. Robert Edge interviewed Jon about the experience, and the challenges that Beardwell faced building the Innovation Hub during such a turbulent period for the industry.

"It was a challenge to get it all to work together to get the ultimate goal of the BREEAM Excellent, net zero building we sit in today."

Grant Case Study with Steph Harris of b&m

Steph Harris is Associate Director of b&m (Betteridge and Milsom), Robert spoke to Steph about her experience in successfully applying for an I-Construct grant of £1,300 to implement a new app.

We previously interviewed Steph in July 2021 if you would like to know more: Betteridge And Milsom Awarded £1,300 To Implement New Snagging App

"Those projects are always nice to have, and sit on the backburner but you do almost need a kick to do it, and I think I-Construct certainly gave us the kick and the motivation to do it."

Mentoring Case Study with Alan Martin of Vision Reach

Director of Vision Reach Alan Martin has been receiving mentoring from Derek Godfrey to build up his industry knowledge and provide a better service for his customers. He has also been referring other businesses to the programme. Robert Edge asked him about his experience.

We previously interviewed Alan in October 2021: Vision Reach Builds Profitable Businesses Through Simplified, Streamlined, And Automated Business Processes

"30% is for some businesses a lot of money, and it really has been the difference between them stream-lining, versus not doing it and carrying on and being stressed."

"The mentoring that we had allowed us to really identify what our thoughts were, and were they correct? [...] Secondly what Derek showed us was that there was something that was a bit more of an issue in construction than what we thought."