Procurement Support | What is social value and what are Tier 1's looking for from their supply chain?

Event: 12 Oct 2021 / 12 Oct 2021 - 12:00 - 13:00

Could you evidence your business's contributions to social value?

Since 2013 besides cost and quality, UK government buyers have been required by law to consider the social value impact offered by different bidders when awarding contracts. In other words Tier 1 bidders will need to show what social, economic and/or environmental benefits they will bring to the local area besides those that will come anyway from the delivery of whatever is being built.

Contribution to social value is increasingly being evaluated by private sector construction buyers when awarding contracts given growing shareholder pressure on them to behave in an ethical manner and also to cascade this through their supply chains.

But what does social value mean in practice?

What are Tier 1’s looking for from their suppliers regarding social value?

What should you be thinking about NOW rather than awaiting an invitation to tender to arrive and then thinking about how to answer the social value section?

Helen Clements, Social Value Manager at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure will share some ideas regarding their expectations of their suppliers.

Meet your speaker

Helen is the Social Value Manager at Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure.

Helen supports the delivery of social value across projects in the East of England.


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