Sustainability | Developing your Environmental Management System (and the potential benefits)

With COP26 looming, larger organisations are looking to get their own house in order. This means supply chains are coming under increasing scrutiny. Now is the time to make sure you're aware of the aspects and impacts affecting your business. Ensure you're able to promote and quantify your own carbon footprint. Then outline how you’re improving it with your Environmental Management System. 

How can an Environmental Management System help you?

If you're a manufacturer, it will help you look at the lifecycle analysis of a product.

As a contractor it will help you calculate the differences in generator use on site.

If you're an architect looking at the embedded carbon of various build designs.

 If it hasn’t already come up in your tender or spec discussions yet, it soon will!

Learning outcomes:

  • Find support to benchmark your current carbon footprint.
  • Gain an understanding of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and what that might mean for you.
  • Understand what funding and supply chain help is available from Low Carbon Kent.
  • Learn more about Low Carbon Kent’s fully-funded STEM workshop series.

Meet your speaker

Rob Robinson, Sustainable Business Programme Manager, Kent County Council

Rob heads up the Low Carbon Kent team at Kent County Council. Low Carbon Kent is the business-facing arm of Sustainable Business & Communities. It brings together a range of projects and programmes (including LoCASE), that aim to support and grow the low carbon economy. Low Carbon Kent works across Kent, Medway, and the wider South-East region. 

Rob has a broad knowledge of (and access to) many business support opportunities. This includes the last tranche of EU-funded grants through LoCASE and C-Care. Helping firms design and carry out a range of plans for a green recovery. Rob can also highlight support. Helping you find ways to baseline your carbon footprint. Supporting your work with supply chains and local firms, to reduce and re-purpose a range of waste streams. 


This event is open to all SME I-Construct Network members.

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Registration closes at 12pm, Monday 18 October 2021.